Salute Dear LEADER Mandela

MANDELA / Ershad Mazumder

I weep I cry and I scream
I can’t hold my tears
I can’t bear the pains of
parting with greatest leader
of this century.
He was my icon
He was my model
My idol.
This world has lost
a human god
He was a messanger of peace
friendhip,brotherhood and unity
This world will never see
such a great man of the century.
He smashed the concept
of aparthied
He debounced the
color supremacy
No color no white no brown
Or no black
We are all sons of Adam and Eve
We are all human
We are equal.
Salute to you
Dear leader
Nelson Mandela

I Am In Love With You

I Shall Born Thousand Times
For Your Love, My Darling
I Shall Conquer My Death
Because I Am In Love With You.

You Will See Me Everywhere
At Dawn Soothing Sunshine Is Me
A Fountain From The Peak Of Mountain Is Me
Smiling Baby On Mother’s Lap Is Me.

I Shall Born Thousand Times
For Your Love My Darling
I Shall Be Here
For Eternity
Because I Am In Love With You.

My Fiance

Every poem I compose is from my soul
Every word speaks in praise of you
I am your fiance and you are my love
I do not see anything beyond you
You are in my soul.

Do not say, you will try me
For my failure to love you more
Burn me, make me a dot of dust
Every dot will recite your name.

Ershad Mazumder

Burden Of Life

Tell me dear

How long I shall carry

the burden of this body.

Let me return

 to my  home ultimate

Let me be with my beloved

And to live in peace with love.

Tell me dear

How long I shall be here

In this unknown island

without you

Make me free

 from this body.

Make me free from

All this greed lust and desires.

My Last Days

How can I rewind this life

Its a one time game played by Him

who created this life.

I have borrowed this life from Him

For one time

So make me smiling

Before I leave you all.

Docs have declared that

My days are numbered

So make me smiling

Let me borrow some happy

moments from you all

Let me breath my last breath

Make me smiling  for this moment.

I can not rewind this life

Its really a one time game.

( Composing my last days)

What Is 9/11 ?

What is 9/11?
Is it a date or a year?
What happend on that
date or year?
Is that a conspiracy?
If it is
Why and whar for?
Who is benefitted
 by this conspiracy?
Is it a revenge?
Is it an expression
 of anger or frustration?
Why so much of anger or
Which takes more life
Is it 9/11 or
Iraq or Afganistan?
What is the aswer and
who will answer?

Forgetting Me

Just forgetting me day by day

Who am I? Who brought me here

What was my begining

And what is my end

Just forgetting me day by day

I have become a stranger

To myself and my blood.

I have become unknown traveller

On an unknown endless way

All has left me here.

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