I am a divine poet from Bangladesh. I am in the profession of journalism for more than four decades. Currently I am a fulltime poet essayist and novelist. By the time I have published ten of manuscript. Two novels,one poety anthology in Bangla , English and French. One rhymes and one poetry translation of Arab women poetry. Right this moment I am busy with my third novel titled `Gender Club’. Besides I have started writing my memoirs titled Pita Putreke. If readers are really interested to know me and to read my creations please visit

2. Who Am I ?

I am really confused about me. I can not say who am I. Sometimes I feel I am a divine poet from Bangladesh. But sometimes I feel a devil poet.Right this moment divinity is reigning my mind and body. I feel divinity is my religion. To know divinity more and more I roam around Rumi,Ghalib, Hafiz, Saadi, Khayyam and Ghalb.

When I feel conflict between me and my creator I consider me a devil pet. I fee insanity is my dress and immorality is my reliion. Then I paint invisibility. I give sound to soundlessnss. I start worshiping woman. I feel woman is the mystery of all creation. I place flower on the nipple of my unseen fiance whom I love for five decades. But I am yet to see her. I am confident that oneday I shall meet her here or after.


Next March on 8 I shall be 70. I have enjoyed enough of time granted by God. What do you think of this time. When I scan this time of my life I see I have not contributed anything to this earth or to the mankind. I lived a full barren time. Now I am looking for a light which can show me a path in darkness and guide me to the tunnel of limitless light.


I am writing for more than five decades. I do not care for name and fame. I just compose my soul. I live in my soul not in body. Body is full of greed lust and desires. I am now in search of me. I have become an stranger to myself.


I listen the call of my invisible fiance day and night. I see a mystic eye every where. Its on the pick of a snowy mountain, on the crying waves of ocean, on the ising sun at dawn, on the sky when it is midnight, on the miracle river flowing from the moon. She calls me for a reunion in the eternity. I am waiting for the day when she will  separate from this earth, the day I shall fly for the home of my fiance.


I am not a poet. I do not know what is poetry and what makes a poetry. I have no pretension of a poet. I just compose  feelings of my soul. I am happy that my feelings are expressed in a style that may not be poetic. So do not call me a poet.


I am passing through a serious pains of separation. Sometimes I feel I am leaving this bodyof clay.  I am crying day and night for reunion with my fiance. Why should I pass sleepless night in this body. Why should I pass empty day in search of her. My pains are increasing and spreading like fire engulfing all around. I can sit on my prayer carpet, I can not count my prayer beads because of increasing pains of separation.


When I  say, I am one of the happiest person on this planet friends all around me do not believe me. They say, I am joking and making fun of my situation. Friends say, on this earth no humanbeing can be so much happy like me. These days friends and kins make fun of me. Tell me, oh my God how can I convince my friends that I am really very very happy right this mment. But I can not say or explain why.



My mail address is as follows: ershadmz40@yahoo.com


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  1. I like your writing, you write very good. What is sad thing for me I did not read your articles before, from now if I see any article written by you I will read it.

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