You Are A Light for Me

You Are A Light for Me / Ershad Mazumder

Whatever is the name
Never matters
Mandela Madiba or Nelson
Or any other name or identy
Never matters.
For me you are a light
From my God
You are way
A direction
From my God
For the mankind.
My God speaks through you
He acts through you
When you embrace
A distressed man or woman
Child or infant
I see my God is embracing
When you cry
When you weep
When you scream
When you melt
I see my God is
Among the people.
Oh dear
For me
You are a human God
Just not a leader
A father or a brother
Let there be light
In every house on earth
Let there be smile
In every house on earth
Let there be a heaven
on every inch of our planet.

Ershad Mazumder is a poet of divinity from Bangladesh. Born on March 8, 1940 at Feni, a district town of Bangladesh. Now lives in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. Mr. Mazumder is a member of PEN International and founder President of National Press Club Poetry Council. He is also founder of RUMI Study Circle of Bangladesh. Spiritually he is a follower of  Rumi. He writes poems in his mother language Bangla and colonial language English. He knows Urdu and Persian. He loves divine music.


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