Time And God

There is no today
Tomorrow and yesterday.
Sun never sets
Sun never rises
Moon never appears
Or disappers.
Time never sleeps
Time is God
It keeps watch on you
Time is eternity
Time is the witness
What God has created
And what will create.

Art Of Sex

Only my God knows
what is sex
and why he has created sex.
Darling, why do you feel
so shy to word your sex
Think of this creation
of my God without sex.

Our God is the best sex master
He knows best
how to play it
darling, let us surrender to God
and learn the best art of sex
to make our planet
full of flower and fragrance

Sex is life
God has given to us
three cheers for the master player
three cheers for His great art.

My Fiance And My God

God created me with
clay fire water and air.
I created my fiance with my dream
full of colour and image.

God asks me
to worship Him
the way He loves to be worshiped.

I ask my fiance
to love me
the best way she knows.
God warns me
to send to hell
if I do not follow Him.
God allures me
for a sweet heaven
If I become His slave.

I love my fiance
with all love
that God can dream for
His whole creation.
I say my fiance
you and me are one
We separated us
only to love each other.

Love makes us one
and love makes us two.

Mercy And Sin

One fine morning they took me
Handcuffed to my creator
First time I see my creator
Very soft sober smiling
Angels started narrating
My record of sins.

God stopped them and asked
`Who is he’
Angels replied,
he is pretender
of a divine poet
and a God’s man.
Did ever praised me?
Yes, overtly,
He wrote poems in you praise.

Leave him at my mercy
Because I know
What you do not know.

God And Me

                Your appearance make me disappear
                Your sound make me soundless
                When you speak, I am speechless
                When you are light, I am darkness.

                You are every where, but I am no where
                You are omnipresent, but I am nothing
                When you say ‘Be’everything is there
                I do like to be with you, because I love you.

                Oh my dearest God, just destroy my existence
                Make me just a soul, a form without body.
                Let there be an interaction between a soul
                And an ultimate soul who creates everything.

A Poet God

A poet mean
to contemplate at will
At any time
At any place.

A poet means
A beautiful bun
Looks like a cluster
Of exquisit flower.

A poet means
A house in a barren field
Not known to ordinary mortals.

A poet means
Of no parents
A god himself

Gazals 19


Tell me how do I stop
gazing your light
My eyes are still thirsty
of your divine beauty.


I know there ocean of sadness
without a dropp of love
I know there is no happiness
except our mingling.